My tummy button is constricting slightly following Tummy Tuck surgery – is there anything I can do about this?

Following tummy tuck surgery the circular incision around the tummy button that your surgeon has created does tend to constrict slightly with time. This can result in your tummy button becoming smaller and slightly tighter.

If this does occur we generally ask our patients to massage their  tummy button gently on a twice-daily basis. They do this by inserting the tip of their index finger into their tummy button with some massage cream and rotating it to stretch the side and try to relax the circular constriction around the tummy button.

If the tummy button continues to constrict it is possible to perform other procedures. A recent article from Brazil mentioned some surgeons recommend that you place a malleable ear bud in your tummy button when you’’re asleep. This has the advantage of gently stretching the circular constriction during your sleeping hours so that it will not constrict during this time.

We have used this technique on some patients with good results but always counsel them to look carefully in the morning while they’re having their shower to make sure the ear plug is removed.

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