Kanye West “forbids” post-baby Tummy Tuck for pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian

Hollywood and music’’s latest power couple are expecting their first child in July this year, but Kim Kardashian is supposedly worrying over the significant weight gain the pregnancy is already causing.

Friends of the reality TV star and LA socialite claim that she had planned to undergo a tummy tuck following the birth, but boyfriend Kanye West has supposedly stepped in and forbidden it.

The reason behind this decision is his mother’’s tragic loss of life following plastic surgery in 2007. Donda West, age 58 at the time, had a tummy tuck and breast implants and later died from complications from the surgery.

One doctor had informed her that she should not go ahead with the surgery due to cardiac complications, however she later went through with it with another plastic surgeon.

Kanye and his mother, who was previously a Professor of English, were very close and the tragedy has led the rapping superstar to be firmly against plastic surgery when it comes to his loved ones.

It would seem though that Kim may subscribe to slightly different views. Although she has never admitted having cosmetic surgery, photographs tell another story – leading to speculation over a possible nose job, chin augmentation, cheek augmentation and breast implants.

She denies all of this however, telling a US TV host in 2010: “

“I’m totally not against plastic surgery. I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done.”

More recently she was seen on her reality show undergoing a ‘”Vampire Facelift”’, a procedure where the patient’s own blood is injected in to the face in order to achieve a more youthful appearance.

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