Patient Louise talks about her Abdominoplasty

Here Aurora Surgeon Adrian Richards interviews a patient who has just had Tummy Tuck surgery at our clinic.

Hi Louise, you’re now 6 weeks post tummy tuck procedure. Can you just tell me how you managed to find us and why you decided to come along for this procedure?

When I decided I wanted to have it done I went to see my GP, who gave me a list of plastic surgeons on their register and they recommend a few to me. From the list of names I Googled each surgeon. I thought that you had a very concise and informative website and you seemed to be extremely qualified and that’s why I made the appointment to come here. And then after meeting you I decided you would definitely be the person that I wanted to do it.

Did you get answers to all your questions?

Yeah, it’s was really clear. You were such a friendly and very warm, welcoming person. I knew that medically you were very well qualified and for me I felt quite comfortable with you and comfortable with the idea of you actually cutting my abdomen.

So you booked an appointment to come in to Aurora Clinics in High Wycombe. How long did you stay there?

It was a 2-night stay, I had the operation on the Tuesday morning at 9 and then I was back in my room again by 12 and that Tuesday night I stayed in and all day Wednesday and then Wednesday night, and I was back home again by kind of mid-day on the Thursday.

While in your hospital were you seen by physical therapists and other staff to look after your pain relief?

Yes, I saw Denise for tests obviously before the operation and she came back twice after as well just to make sure I was okay and see how I was feeling. And then I had obviously the nursing care – a day nurse and a night time nurse. I got to know the day nurse especially quite well, which was really nice to have someone familiar who came in the morning to see me.

And when you went home did you have to put your feet up or were you able to get around?

For the first week, moving around was fairly uncomfortable but not too painful. That’s the one thing I found quite strange – there was no point that I was in awful pain. It was just a little bit more uncomfortable. It hindered my movement because I didn’t want to move too fast but I was actually able to do most things.

I found I was kind of hunched over for about 5 days and then after that time I found I could stand up very much straight. It quickly progressed from there after about 2- 2 1/2 weeks I was pretty much back to normal again.

Were you driving again then?

Yes, after my 2-week appointment I was able to take the corset binder off which really was nice at that point to take off. And so I could drive, which was a big plus. Then I felt totally normal after then really. Maybe a little bit tender around the scar area but again no pain at all.

And we’re now 6 weeks post-op. You’re very into your running and you’re now looking forward to getting back to exercise?

Yes, I’m looking forward to getting stuck back into it again. I feel like I probably could have started earlier but then I don’t want to rush it. And I just feel so much better now.

People that didn’t know I had the operation have noticed it and asked me what’s different and people who have seen it before and after are completely amazed by the results.

My husband and I are both overwhelmed with how it looks now and I feel really confident getting back into all my clothes I used to wear before I had children. I feel confident wearing them rather than wearing things that hide the areas. I can’t believe I look normal again. That’s amazing.

That’s lovely. Thank you so much and thank you for coming to Aurora Clinic.  

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