Shameless star Tina Malone to have tummy tuck surgery filmed for own show

Aurora Clinics: Photo before Tummy Tucks Surgery

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With the stage-managed public lives of image-conscious celebrities, you rarely hear the famous talk about their tummy tucks. But Shameless star Tina Malone has ripped up the rule book. She’s just revealed plans to have her tummy tuck surgery filmed for TV

Her new show, Tina Malone: My New Body, will see her go through an incredible body transformation on screen.

Having shed an amazing 12 stone with the aid of a gastric band, Tina’s been left with an apron of excess stomach skin – as well as droopy breasts she describes as “the longest boobs in the world”!

Speaking on ITV1’s This Morning, she revealed her plans to complete her weight loss journey on the documentary, which is due to air later this year on TLC.

The show will include footage of her undergoing a series of cosmetic procedures, including surgery to her face, eyes and breasts, as well as the tummy tuck.

We’re sure Tina will be in safe hands for her surgery, but we hope she’s had ample time to think about her procedures before committing to the show. Having undergone gastric band surgery in the past, she should be well placed to cope with the challenges that lay ahead.

But if you’re thinking about a tummy tuck and you’ve never had surgery before, there’s plenty for you to think about.

Tummy tucks – some things to consider

Any cosmetic procedure has its own unique considerations, and tummy tucks in particular need plenty of thought as the recovery period can be challenging. Here are some key questions to ask yourself if you’re serious about abdominoplasty:

> Is it really a tummy tuck you need, or would liposuction be enough?

This really depends on the nature of your stomach, and – putting it bluntly – what you’d like to be rid of. Liposuction is by far the less invasive option, so it’s definitely worth thinking about whether it would work for you, even if you eventually decide a tummy tuck is what you need.

If you’re at your desired weight, but are fed up with loose, empty skin on your belly – or you’ve had children and your abdominal muscles have stretched and separated, only a tummy tuck will do.

But if you’re at a healthy weight with stubborn abdominal fat that won’t shift, liposuction could give you a great result. The best way to find out for sure is by asking your surgeon at a consultation, and having an open mind.

> Do you have family or a supportive partner/friend who can help you in the weeks after surgery?

Tummy tucks are serious surgical procedures, and you’ll need several weeks off from your normal routine after having one. In the first week after surgery, you’re advised not to drive. And if you have small children, you’ll need help looking after them as lifting is a no-no.

Personal care – showering, cooking, shopping, etc, will be difficult at least for the first week, so any help you can get during this time will make life much easier.

And though you should be ok to drive about a week after surgery, most people need 2-3 weeks off work after having their tummy tucks. So that’s something to consider too if you have a less-than-accommodating employer.

> Are you being realistic about the results you’ll get from surgery?

A good tummy tuck, for the right candidate, can work wonders for a bulgy or saggy tummy. Any excess skin between your belly button and pubic area will be removed, and the muscles tightened and stitched back together.

You’ll have a leaner, flatter tummy than before, be better at performing sit-ups (bonus), and may notice an improvement in your posture as well as any back problems you previously had. But the price you pay is a permanent scar.

Most surgeons will aim to hide the scar within your underwear, and it will fade in time to a pale silvery colour. But it’s something to bear in mind. If scarring is an issue for you, be aware that some surgeons will leave neater scars than others, so always ask to see a surgeon’s untouched before and after photos.

To see real results of tummy tucks performed at our clinics, take a look at our before and after tummy tuck pictures.

> Are you being realistic about how challenging tummy tuck surgery will be?

Tummy tucks are hard work. They take a toll, mentally and physically, and there’ll be lots of ups and downs. You’re likely to go through lots of emotions in the weeks after your surgery, and may feel at various points frustrated, bored, anxious, helpless, elated, sad – the full works!

This can be disconcerting, but reading other people’s tummy tuck recovery stories is a great way to hear first-hand what to expect, so you can better deal with it when you’re in the same situation. This tummy tuck recovery blog kept by Marie, one of our patients at Aurora, is a great place to start.

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