#1: Adrian Richards – Introduction to Aurora Skin Clinics

Mr Adrian Richards, Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics describes our approach to Skin Care. Our Doctors, Nurses and Skin Specialists have been individually chosen as experts in their field and we aim to offer you a unique, high quality service conveniently close to you.

Adrian Richards - Introduction to Aurora Skin Clinics

Hello, my name’s Adrian Richards and I’m the Surgical Director of Aurora Skin Clinics and I just thought Id tell you a little bit about our approach to skincare and really looking after you. So my basis is a surgeon, I’m very interested in non-surgical side of medical care, particularly Botox, dermal fillers. We’ve done a number of studies on this, and I’m also very involved in the Premier teaching course in the United Kingdom, teaching other practitioners how to use these products and that’s cosmetic courses which I’ve been involved in for the last six years.

So what we aim to do is really offer you a very high quality personal service. I work very closely with a set of nurses, aesthetic nurses who have all been very highly trained and work under my supervision. We’ve also got other doctors who work closely with us. So what we aim to do is work very closely as a team together to offer you the highest quality care. So the approach will be if you come to see us we’ll asses you, normally myself, one of the nurses will discuss with you, and what we like to do really is talk to you about what you require, what you’re hoping for, what you see as your concerns and then really come up with a plan to address that for you. And that might be simple skincare, it might be dermal fillers. So we ask you what your concerns are, we’ll tell you honestly how we think we can help you and I think the important thing is we need to be straightforward and honest with you so we can give you the best possible idea of what is realistically achievable for you. We have a very high patient retention rate which we’re very proud of, so we hope if you come and see us you will like the way we are and particularly the nurses who are all hand-picked. So we hope you will come and see us at Aurora Skin Clinics and we very much look forward to seeing you.

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