#4: Dermal Fillers – Preparation and what to expect during treatment

Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are used to soften wrinkles and other facial lines. Aurora’s nurse specialist Libby Stewart explains what to expect during treatment and how you will feel immediately afterwards.

Dermal Fillers - Preparation and what to expect during treatment

Hello my name’s Libby I’m Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner here at Aurora Clinics and we’re talking a bit about dermal fillers. In this little section of the video I wanted to explain what happens before treatment and what to expect during treatment.

Your first consultation with the clinic we’ll take a complete medical history from you and like I said in the first video most people are suitable for treatment. We will also take some photographs of you so that we have a baseline to gauge the result of your treatment which is immediate. There is no specific preparation that you need do before you come to clinic for the treatment.

The treatment time is a very short treatment, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to perform the procedure although your appointment time is obviously longer as we put some anaesthetic cream on your face or other areas that we can treat which are perhaps backs of the hands to improve aging, and the décolletage area, but local aesthetic cream is applied and we wait for about 20 minutes for that to work.

The procedure itself, you will be sitting on a bed and we’ll clean the face with a product such as Witch Hazel, something to clean the skin and make sure there is no bacteria so to minimise infection during the procedure. The procedure itself is performed by the introduction of a very fine needle underneath the skin and a very slow injection of a colourless smooth homogenised gel which does lift a line so that we have immediate results.

Following the application of the gel the product is sometimes massaged into place, not always, it just depends on the depth of the line in the product that we’re using, but sometimes a little massage is required and following that we would sooth your skin by applying a cream such as Oraderm which is a vitamin K cream which helps prevents any bruising which might be caused. Bruising is very minimal but we are introducing a product into the skin with a fine needle so a little redness and bruising can be expected in some people.

Really that is the extent of the treatment, immediate, fast and long-lasting. It will last about anything between six months and twelve months depending on the area we place it. A little maybe shorter lifespan if we inject around the mouth or areas of very sort of high movement or vasculature, but a very good treatment and with immediate long-lasting results.

Thank you for watching the video. If you would like any more information the telephone number to call is 01844 214 362 or please enquire via our website address. Thank you.

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