#6: Dermal Fillers – Summary and Non-facial Indications

Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are used to soften wrinkles and other facial lines. Aurora’s nurse specialist Libby Stewart discusses the sites where they are best used in the face and other areas of the body.


Hello this is Libby Steward here from Aurora Clinics the Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. I just wanted to summarise really some of the things that we’ve talked about regarding dermal fillers.

So, the dermal fillers are an injectable treatment of a hyaluronic acid gel to help correct the appearance of static lines in the face, the hands or the décolletage area or they can be used to replace volume loss either in the cheeks or perhaps in the oral commissure areas here. There are choices of product on the market, we favour the Allergan range here at the clinic but we do hold a variety of different products and if you’ve been used to using one product at a clinic I’m sure that we can find something that will be suitable for you.

The hyaluronic acids do come in various strengths and textures of gel, so our choice of product will be guided by where we’re actually going to use the product. We might use something that has a different formulation around the mouth or an area where product breaks down very quickly because of greater vasculature or greater expression where that movement will actually break down products more quickly, we might use something of a deeper grade and more robust nature for the cheeks or for these areas here which need a little bit more bolstering. The very fine lines that we can address on the face we might use a different product again, and something different perhaps again here for the nasal labial lines.

The duration of these products are dependent on the thickness, where we place them and the depth that they’re placed within the skin. Your practitioner will advise you on this but they will all last between six months and a year, depending on the factors that we’ve just gone over.

So most people are suitable for treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers, they can be used in conjunction with lots of other procedures. They’re really very good used in conjunction with a face life where perhaps we’ve removed excess skin but need to restore some volume so we could use the hyaluronic acids for that. They’re also very good in combination with wrinkle reducing injections like the Botox injections where the muscle movement is ceased from those injections but perhaps a crease still remains, so hyaluronic acid is the way to go there. And because hyaluronic acid is a very hydrophilic substance that means it draws moisture towards itself, it’s really very good for use in the décolletage in the fine lines here, and also in the back of the hands for restoring plumpness and firmness to the skin.

So I hope that answers most of your questions on hyaluronic acid fillers but if there is anything else that we can help you with please do call us here at the clinic on 01844 214 362 or via the website. Thank you very much.

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