#7: Skin Peels – What are they?

Skin peels are used to improve the quality of the skin. Aurora’s nurse specialist Libby Stewart explains what skin peels are and discusses how they work to improve the appearance of your skin.

Skin Peels - What are they?

Hello my name is Libby Stewart, I’m an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner here at Aurora Clinics.

Sometimes people come to the clinic to talk to us about their skin and what can be done to help with specific problems that they have with their skin. They may have heard of chemical peels but are unsure that this is a treatment that is suitable for them, or indeed may sometimes be a little scared by things that they have seen and read about chemical peels.

What is a chemical peel, and exactly what does it do for you? A chemical peel is a chemical treatment which is applied in either a theatre procedure or in an outpatients procedure for lighter to moderate peel. The heavier peels being done at the theatre procedure. Its aim is to refresh the skin and stimulate cell turnover. It can help treat specific needs of the acne, sun damage and general hydration, lightening and brightening. Here at the clinic we would customise each peel to a patient’s specific needs following a consultation with your practitioner. The light to moderate peels are done here at clinic, they have a very short recovery time, and the heavier peels will be done in theatre often as part of a procedure as sometimes seen on television programmes such as 10 Years Younger.

If you would like a consultation on a peel please contact us here at Aurora by telephone or via the website.

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