#8: Skin Peels – Who is suitable and what can be treated?

Skin peels are used to improve the quality of the skin. Aurora’s nurse specialist Libby Stewart explains that the newer skin peels have minimum downtime and discusses who is suitable for treatment and what conditions can be improved.

Skin Peels - Who is suitable and what can be treated?

Hello my name is Libby Stewart, I’m one of the Nurse Aesthetic Practitioners here at Aurora Clinic.

Who is suitable for a chemical peel? Well, apart from ladies expecting babies, most people of any sex over the age of 16 would be suitable for a peel of some sort. The suitability of your skin type is assessed here at clinic with your practitioner using something called the Fitzpatrick Scale. The scale indicates to us the level of exposure that your skin has experienced due to sun and other environmental factors, and we do also look at the aging of your skin as part of that consultation. But anybody over the age of 16, irrespective of the colour of their skin or indeed their skin type, will benefit from some peel or another. As peels are customised for your specific needs there is no need to worry that we wont have something to help you.

Peels will help with sun damaged skins and also skins that have areas of uneven pigmentation caused through sun damage or perhaps through skin conditions called rosacea, or other conditions of that type. Peels will help hydrate the skin and will lighten and refresh the skin complexion giving it a natural healthy glow. We can help acne, as long as it’s not in the active stage, with peels as well. Blackheads, open pores and uneven texture are all able to be assisted with the use of chemical peels.

If you would like a consultation please call us or contact us via the internet here at Aurora Clinics.

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