#9: Skin Peels – Advantages of different types

Skin peels are used to improve the quality of the skin. Aurora’s nurse specialist Libby Stewart explains that the newer skin peels have minimum downtime and are ideal for skin conditions including sun damage, red marks and acne.

Skin Peels - Advantages of different types

Hello my name is Libby Stewart and I work here at Aurora Clinics as one of the team of nurse practitioners. What are the advantages of different types of peel?

Well when you consult here at the clinic your practitioner will help you to decide on the right prescription based on your skin type and the specific problem area that you wish to address. The areas that you may be looking at would take into account maybe fine lines, pigmentation changes brought about by sun damage, blackheads, rosacea, the open pores or just a general unevenness of skin texture. After the right prescription type has been assessed for you we would start your treatment conservatively by applying a light layer of chemical to your face. This would be reviewed after a month and depending on the results of that treatment we might change the chemical formulas in the peels, or maybe increase the level at which we’re working.

For people with more severe problems or a skin which has aged considerably who are considering a face lift, a deeper peel may be performed at the time of their procedure in theatre. These procedures are often shown on television programmes such as 10 Years Younger and do bring with them a longer down time or recovery time than the light to moderate peels which are performed here at the clinic.

If you would like a consultation please call us here at Aurora Clinics or please get in touch via the internet. Thank you.

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