#10: Skin Peels – Preparation for and what to expect during treatment

Skin peels are used to improve the quality of the skin. Aurora’s nurse specialist Libby Stewart explains that the newer skin peels have minimum downtime and are ideal for skin conditions including sun damage, red marks and acne.

Skin Peels - Preparation for and what to expect during treatment

Hello my name is Libby Stewart and I work here at Aurora Clinics as one of the team of Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners. How would you prepare your skin for a skin peel and what could you expect during treatment?

Following your consultation with your practitioner you will be advised on a skincare regime which you need to complete for two weeks prior to partaking in your peel. Your peel appointment will be for about half an hour, although the actual procedure only takes about 15 minutes to perform. You will be lead on a bed and some gauze placed over your eyes just to protect them through the procedure. Your face will be cleansed with a very light non-foaming cleanser and then a layer of the chosen prescription product will be applied to your face. You may or may not feel anything during the procedure. Sometimes the face feels rather warm and sometimes it can feel like a very light stinging sensation equivalent to a sort of nettle type sting. This is self-limiting and disappears within about a minute. Depending on the issues that you wish to address, the fine lines or congested pores, maybe another layer will be applied, maybe sometimes just to specific problem areas, or sometimes just to target the areas that you wish to address, and maybe made of a different type of chemical. This will have been decided in your pre-consultation.

As soon as your skin has settled, which does take just about a minute, a layer of moisturising sunscreen will be applied. You will be able to get up then and go about your business for the rest of the day. Your face will look a little bit flushed like as if you’d just been at the gym, but that fades very quickly and the sunscreen we put on comes in a choice of natural or a slightly tinted, so you can go back to work or pick up the children from the school run, whatever it is that you need to do for the rest of the day.

As I said, the procedure is very, very quick, it only takes about 15 minutes, so the appointment is half an hour and we will be very happy to see you here at Aurora if you’d like to call us or contact us via email. Thank you.

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