#11: Skin Peels – Aftercare and maintaining results

Skin peels are used to improve the quality of the skin. Aurora’s nurse specialist Libby Stewart explains how to look after your skin following treatment to ensure you get the best possible result.

Skin Peels - Aftercare and maintaining results

Hello I’m Libby Stewart, I’m Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner here at Aurora Clinics.

Well, after you peel what do you do next? How will it feel and how can you optimise your treatments?

Following your procedure after the sunscreen has been applied to your skin you go home and do nothing, just go to bed, don’t wash your face, nothing else for the rest of the day. The following morning you can start again with your regular skincare routine. That day your face may feel a little bit tight and may appear just slightly red, a bit like as if you’d been out in the sun the day before. That is perfectly normal. The following days, days 2 and 3 you might start to see some shedding of skin cells, some very slight flaking. This is normal too, as is actually not to see any flaking at all. The way the peel works is to loosen the skin cells bond to the skin and sometimes this is very minor in the early days after applying a light peel and you may not actually see anything, but this does not mean that your skin peel has not worked, you will be achieving the results you required.

The very best results will be obtained by having a course of peels which will be spread over a time of three months, one peel every month for three months give optimum results. The very finest results will be achieved by the use of our specialised products made by the Rationale Range which compliment our peels. These are only available through physicians clinics on the prescription of your surgeon, doctor or nurse practitioner, and these are available via our online shop or here at the clinic.

A peel is a new procedure for a lot of people and although we will explain very carefully what will be happening to you, if you have any concerns at all you are always welcome to ring us here on 01844 214 362 and someone will get back to you. Looking forward to seeing you here at Aurora.

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