VASER Liposuction – better than normal Liposuction?

VASER Liposuction is the new craze in fat removal. Essentially, ultrasound energy is used to dissolve the fatty tissue. The machine that delivers the ultrasound energy is known as the VASER machine.

It is important to realise that just because you are being treated with VASER, it does not guarantee perfect results. What is more important is the skill of the practitioner.

The advantages of VASER treatment are quicker recovery, less bruising and swelling, but VASER treatment, if not used by an experienced practitioner, can cause problems such as irregularity and contour defects to the skin.

VASER therapy has significant advantages over traditional liposuction, but it is very important to check the experience of your practitioner and it is best if you can get a personal recommendation from someone who has had similar treatment.

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