How Can You Detect the Blood Supply in Dark Nipples?

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Dear Aurora Clinics, I have been watching your nipple reduction videos and noticed that your surgeon presses the nipple to ascertain if there is adequate blood supply to this region. Could you explain how this method works when used for a woman with very dark or black nipples?


Thank you very much for your interesting question. It is admittedly difficult to assess the blood supply to nipples which are very dark. The technique we use is generally very safe however and we have experienced no significant problems.

People who have had very large nipple reductions are the only ones who may experience a decrease in blood supply. This is because the bridge of tissue is much longer which means that the blood has further to travel to and/from the nipple.

It is still possible to detect the blood supply to this area if necessary. In dark nipples, we record their temperature to ascertain if there is a decrease in blood supply.

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The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team