Can Under 18s have Breast Enlargement Surgery in Special Circumstances?

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Dear Aurora Clinics, I am sixteen years of age and have a hormone deficiency which means that my breast size is very small: not even an A cup. I have tried various potions and lotions but none of them provide any signs of breast enlargement. As a result, I would like to obtain private treatment but at sixteen was wondering if I would require parental permission for this type of surgery?


Thank you very much for your enquiry. We are very sorry to hear that you have not developed a sufficient bust. It is certainly possible to have breast enlargement to improve the appearance of your bust.

For more information on this procedure please have a good look through our website. It may also be useful to listen to our free information CD on breast enlargement surgery.

In some special cases, with consent from your parents, we can perform surgery before the age of 18 but normally we do wait until you are at least 18 years of age before considering treatment as by this time your breasts should be fully developed.

If you do feel that you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss the best way forward for you and have the full support of your parents and GP, please do ring us on 01324 578290.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team