Implant Replacement: Can you correct a droopy implant / wonky nipples?

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora ClinicsQuestion:

I had breast enlargement surgery at a London clinic in December last year. However, my left breast implant did not properly drop into the pocket, so there was a slight gap between the bottom of the implant and the incision. It sat flat against my chest instead of the crease, if that makes sense.

I spoke with my surgeon about this and was advised to continue with massage but the condition never improved. After six months, I went back to see him and it was agreed that my breast was never going to drop. This resulted in revision surgery a few weeks later.

Before the second surgery, my nipples were always in line. I took a photograph of them half an hour before treatment commenced and they looked fine. But when I woke up, they looked very uneven.

I am now 12 weeks post re-op, and my nipples are still wonky. In fact, I think that they are becoming worse the more that the implants settle. Also, the left implant appears to be lower than my right one and droops. At first I thought it could be bottoming out, but the incision is not riding up my breast.

I wonder if the pocket has been made too large, or maybe it is low grade bottoming out which will cause the drooping to become significantly worse… needless to say I am very worried.

I have spoken to many other girls who have experienced similar problems with this surgeon so I do not feel comfortable allowing him to operate on me again.

Whilst I feel incredibly angry about this, I would prefer to have any further surgery with a new surgeon. Could you please advise what the best course of action would be?

I know it is difficult without seeing me in person but I plan to book a consultation at Aurora Clinics soon, if you would be consider seeing me.


Thank you for very much for your enquiry. It does sound as if your left implant is sitting slightly lower than the right. This creates a shorter distance from the nipple to the fold which is located underneath the breast and on the right side.

However, in the photographs you sent, your nipples do appear to be of a similar height from the notch between your sternum and the base of your neck. Therefore, we think that the main problem is the raised implant on the right.

It would definitely be better to see you in person to assess the area and discuss the best way forward for you. If you would like to book a consultation please do not hesitate to email us on: mailto:info@aurora-clinics.local or call our office on 01324 578290.

Best Wishes,

The Team at Aurora Clinics