Can you correct Breast Enlargement surgery which has left me uneven?

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Aurora Clinics have been recommended as specialists in the field of breast enlargement surgery. My breast augmentation surgery was carried out in London in December last year. Upon first inspection, I had a feeling that my left implant was not going to descend and it never did.

After six months, I had revision surgery to manually drop the implant. I am now a few weeks post op and very unhappy with the results – my once symmetrical nipples now look very uneven and the entire breast seems to be sitting too low.

I feel that the surgeon created the pocket too low, but he is reluctant to admit this. I have lost all my faith in him now and am very keen to seek a second opinion, with the possibility of having further surgery in the future to correct this.

I will not go back to my original surgeon and would be grateful if you would agree to see me in the future or provide some advice. Thank you and best wishes.


We are sorry that you are not happy with the appearance of your breasts following breast enlargement surgery.

Your initial surgery appears to have resulted in the muscle holding the implant in a unnaturally high position. At the operation your surgeon may have released the muscle which would have resulted in the implant becoming lower.

In your case, it sounds as though, it has descended too far and is sitting at a lower level than the other side. This would cause asymmetry in your nipple position.

Generally it is possible to correct this by stitching the fold to a similar level of the other side which will create more symmetry.

It would be advisable to schedule a consultation to discuss the best way forward for you in more detail. If you would like to book a consultation you can do so by calling 01324 578290.

We look forward to meeting you should you wish to book a consultation.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team