How Long is the Recovery Time for Implant Removal?

Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora ClinicsQuestion:

I have 22 year-old 300ml silicone implants which have caused me no problem over the years until November 2011 when I had a rupture. I do not want to replace them and have good skin elasticity and ample tissue around the area.

I have sought the advice of two surgeons who have both offered contrasting views on the methods and healing predictions.

As you can appreciate, this has left me feeling confused and very concerned. After watching some of your breast implant removal videos, it is evident that you have gifted surgeons with substantial knowledge. I was told by one of the clinics that I should expect a 6cm incision under each breast which would leave me with a three week recovery period. I was also told that this was considered ‘difficult surgery’.

The second surgeon told me that I would have a 3cm incision and that I could expect recovery within one week. However, I have since heard some negative comments about his work.

I am an athletic fit woman with a natural and youthful appearance.  Could you kindly provide your viewpoint on this matter and your professional recommendation.


Thank you for your email. We agree with the second surgeon as the implants could be removed via a short incision 4-5cm in length along your natural breast fold. Generally recovery is much quicker than your initial surgery and we estimate that you would be back to most activities within 2 weeks although it would be better to leave any vinous activity for around 4-6 weeks.

We hope this helps and would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck if you decide to go ahead with surgery.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team