If I have my implants removed, will my breasts sag?

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I have a question regarding previous breast augmentation surgery that I had years ago. I should point out that both silicone implants were positioned above the muscles and there were no complications following my surgery.

I am thinking of maybe removing them or replacing them with smaller implants in a couple of years. Would this cause my breasts to sag or will they look the same as they did prior to surgery?

I was also wondering if I will be able to breastfeed again should I become pregnant.


It  is possible to replace your implants with smaller ones. However, this tends to produce slightly looser skin around your chest area so you may need a breast uplift or tightening procedure.

You will be able to breastfeed following this type of implant removal surgery as the implants were placed behind the breast tissue which ensures that the glands remain intact.

It might be worthwhile having a look on the Aurora Clinics website where you will find a lot of information on implant removal or replacement. Should you wish to book a consultation please call us on: 01324 578290 or send an email to: mailto:info@aurora-clinics.co.uk.

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