Question regarding choosing textured or smooth Breast Implants

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I would like to have a Breast Augmentation (enlargement) but cannot decide which implants I should use.

I am slim and want to have the most natural looking, soft breasts possible. My surgeon suggests textured implants, size less than 150cc, and placed under the muscle. However, I have a concern that textured implants are harder than smooth and would not move as much, therefore would look less natural: am I correct?

I read that in America, most doctors suggest smooth implants. What would you suggest?


Thank you very much for your enquiry. It does sound as if the suggested implants are relatively small for your frame: I very rarely use implants under 150cc. In particular, implants do look slightly smaller when they are placed under the muscle.

You are right that smooth implants may be a little softer following surgery but the rate of Capsular Contracture with smooth implants is slightly higher so, for that reason, I tend to use textured implants exclusively.

It is the content of the implants which generally determines the firmness of the breasts following surgery and a more cohesive (cross-linked) silicone gel is likely to be firmer than a more liquid silicone formula.

If you are unsure as to the best type of implants for you, I think it may be worth getting a second opinion from another Surgeon or, alternatively, if you would like to send us photographs of your bust (you can make these anonymous by cropping out your head and just showing the bust area), we would be happy to give you an opinion as to the best way forward for you.

With Best Wishes,
The Aurora Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Team