Question regarding Tubular Breast Correction and Implant Replacement

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I am enquiring about a procedure to correct Tubular Breasts.

I have already tried to correct my Tubular Breasts with a Breast Augmentation elsewhere around 4 years ago but I am very unhappy with the results.

One breast seems to have settled fine, but the other implant seems to be sitting much higher up and has not settled or rounded out the tubular shape like the other one has.

I have seen some information about Capsular Contraction and think I may be suffering from this as the pictures look similar, or could this just be due to my Tubular Breasts?

I am looking for a rough price guide for removal of the implants, replaced with bigger implants and Tubular Correction. Also do you offer a free consultation? Thank you.


Thank you for your email. The fact that one of your implants is still sitting slightly high could be due to a number of factors.

This can occur as you say because of capsule formation around the implant – however capsules do not usually occur immediately following surgery and if your implant has always been high this is unlikely to be the cause.

The other possibilities are that your implant is being helped upwards by your muscle or tightness in the skin in the lower part of your breast. The muscle could only be the cause if your implants were placed under your muscle.

Tubular breasts are characterised by tightness and a band-like constriction across the lower part of the breast. If this was not released adequately or if the skin was tighter on this side, this could be holding your breast implant up on that side.

We do offer consultations and you could schedule one of these by ringing our office on 01324 578290. Alternatively, Mr Richards would be happy to give you an opinion as to the likely cause of your breast asymmetry if you send photos of the area of concern to

With Best Wishes,

The Aurora Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Team