Sagging nipples after Breast Implant Removal – what can be done?

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Hi, I had my over the muscle, 320cc PIP implants removed nearly 5 months ago, which took me back to a 32 small A cup. Since then, the bottom of my nipples have sunk into my breast tissue.

They are fine when cold, but fold over into my breast and sag down at other times.

I noticed you do areola reduction – could this help? Or could any surgery stop this from happening? I produce keloid scaring so would this even be an option for me? Thanks.

Breast Implant Removal answer:

Thank you very much for your enquiry. I am sorry to say that sometimes nipples can sink into the breast tissue and this is because there is a tethering between the nipple and the chest muscles.

It is possible to have an areola reduction or the other option is to release the internal tethering. However, if you produce keloid scarring I would not generally recommend areola reduction as this can perform very unsightly scarring.

If you send us a photo of the area, we would be delighted to give you our expert opinion. Email:

Best Wishes,

Adrian Richards, Consultant Plastic Surgeon