What does the Breast Surgery term ‘Double Bubble’ mean?

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Dear Aurora, please could you explain what is meant by the Plastic Surgery term Double Bubble?

I had my breast surgery done with the Transform Group. When I had my consultation I was told that everything was fine and that having breast implants placed under the muscle would mean that there would be no excess skin.

However, in aftercare my surgeon told me that my muscle was too high for implants to be placed underneath which would result in ‘double bubble’; an effect that I would not like.

If he had informed me of this prior to surgery, we could have discussed the possibility of inserting them over the muscle. Do you think I stand a fighting chance of having them re-done free of charge as I was not told the correct information?

Your help and advice is greatly appreciated.


Generally ‘double bubble’ occurs when breast implants are placed under the muscle. This position is higher than the nipples which lie slightly lower so it can give the appearance of a bulge in the upper part of the breast and a further bulge in the lower part known as ‘double bubble’.

It is possible to correct this by freeing up the muscle or placing implants in front of the muscle. If the breast implants are in front, the muscle will not be holding them and there will be no ‘double bubble ’effect.

We think that you should definitely return to the surgeon who originally operated on you to seek advice as to what can be done to rectify this.

For more information on ‘double bubble’ please visit the breast enlargement section of our website. Here you can watch one of our surgeons correcting a ‘double bubble’ effect. We wish you the best of luck with your consultation.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team