Breast Uplift surgery with implants: does it really work?

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If I was going to have breast uplift surgery, I would want my cleavage to look extremely perky afterwards even though some would argue that this makes your breasts look fake rather than natural.

However, I have seen before and after pictures of women who have had breast uplift surgery with implants. Many of the bust lines look very pert but others appear to have re-sagged.

Is it normal to expect some reoccurring breast droop after a breast lift or should the lifted effect be permanent? In other words: does breast uplift surgery with breast implants really work?


Thank you for your email and question. With breast uplift surgery the implants can move slightly downwards, this causes the saggy appearance.

Expert surgeons know that the best way to avoid this is to use a polyurethane coated implant which has a texture akin to Velcro and helps to secure the implants internally. This prevents downward movement and the appearance of sagging. For more information related to breast implant surgery, take a browse around our web site (especially the breast augmentation element) and listen to our free information CD on breast uplift surgery and augmentation.

We can confirm that the ‘perky’ appearance you¬†desire is achievable in most cases but this depends upon the current appearance of your bust and your skin elasticity.

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