Will Breast Uplift surgery change the size of my nipples?

Breast Uplift Question:Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Dear Aurora Clinics, I previously had breast uplift surgery in Scotland along with a reduction on my right breast to create better symmetry.

During the operation, 50g of tissue was removed from my right breast but this was clearly not enough as the asymmetry appears to be even more pronounced than before.

I am also worried about my nipples as the surgeon has reduced the size of my areolas (which I did not request). As a result, both nipples sit very close to the top of my areolas but further away from their base.

Will further surgery compromise the size of my nipples? I am so desperate to have this remedied and wish that I had come to Aurora Clinics to begin with for my breast uplift surgery. Can you help me?

Breast Uplift Answer:

Thank you very much for your question. I am sorry that you are unhappy with the appearance of both areas following your original surgery. In answer to your questions…

There is no scientific way of knowing exactly how much tissue to remove from each breast when correcting asymmetry. Generally with experience, surgeons get better at this although it is never possible to guarantee exact symmetry following surgery.

Generally when we perform surgery we have an idea as to how much tissue we will need to remove in order to achieve symmetry. We also take measurements whilst the patient is in theatre and sitting in different positions to try and obtain the best possible symmetry.

We normally ask you to wait at least 4 months after surgery before considering revision as this allows time for internal scarring to settle and will help to achieve the best results.

It is unusual to have a difference in the size of the areolas after Breast Uplift as the outsides should be an even distance from the nipple in all areas. I think further surgery might compromise your nipples but you must consult with your surgeon. They will explain how he could make your areolas more even.

We would be happy to see you to discuss the possibilities which are open to you. Alternatively you could send some photos to mailto:info@aurora-clinics.co.uk where we will be happy to give you a more detailed opinion as to the best way forward.

I hope this has been helpful and we wish you the very best of luck if you do decide to go forward with further surgery.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team