Will Nipple Reduction surgery leave me with no feeling?

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Since breastfeeding my first child, I have become very unhappy with the size of my nipples. When I wear clothes, they protrude and look very unattractive. I would like to have nipple reduction surgery but am afraid that I will be left with no feeling in this area and the scars will be too obvious. Could you please advise?


In answer to your question, there are two areas to the nipple: the nipple itself and the brown area around it called the areola. Both can be reduced but a different technique is used for each.

In nipple reduction surgery, the nipple decreases in both diameter and height. Absorbable stitches are used, which cause very little scarring and the surgery is performed under local anaesthetic.

With areola reduction, the outer circumference of the aerola is removed to make it smaller, there will be some scarring around the nipple but absorbable stitches are used and the operation can be performed under local anaesthetic.

We wish you well should you decide to go ahead with this procedure.

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The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team