Am I old enough for Chin Reduction surgery?


I am a 20 year-old male who is considering ear pinning and chin reduction surgery later this year. I also want to have braces fitted next year purely because I have crooked teeth and not as a result of bite issues.

Could you tell me if I am old enough to have chin reduction surgery and if this will have any bearing on having braces fitted?


Thank you very much for your question. Generally chin reduction surgery can be performed by remodelling the chin or setting the jaw bone back. Options vary between individuals and are assessed by X-rays which look at the root of the teeth to work out which technique will be appropriate for you.

Chin reduction surgery is normally performed by maxillo-facial surgeons who specialise in remodelling the bones of the face. It is possible to perform surgery before the age of 18 but it would be best to discuss this with your surgeon as age can vary depending on the type of treatment that is recommended.

Your GP may be able to recommend a maxillo-facial surgeon in your area who will see you and provide some advice as to the best treatment. Many thanks for your email. We do wish you the very best of luck if you do decide to continue with chin reduction surgery.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team