Can my 14mm stretched ears heal by themselves?

The New Year is a great time to think about making positive changes for a New You…

One cosmetic surgery treatment which always increases in popularity at the start of the New Year is Earlobe Repair: people with stretched or split earlobes from flesh tunnels, plugs and gauges decide to get rid of the signs of a wilder past. They sometimes feel these hold them back during job interviews, socially and just don’t fit their more mature image. Read our FAQ about Earlobe Repair.


In the past I had my ear stretched to 14mm but then downsized, and went to 12.5mm then back again to 6mm. I want to take my ear plugs (flesh tunnels) out, but was wondering if I will need to have earlobe repair reconstruction surgery if I do so?

I have blowouts in both ears which are now looking rather unsightly. Would I be better off just getting them sewn shut and removing the blowouts? Or would you advise that I remove the blowouts and let them shrink to the point where I can add ordinary earrings?


Thank you for your enquiry. We would recommend that you completely remove everything from your ears for three months. This will allow the natural tissues to shrink and it is possible that your holes will close to a diameter that you are happy with.

If not, it is possible to perform earlobe repair surgery to rectify the stretched ear. This is relatively easy and quick (performed under local anaesthetic as a day patient) and leaves little scarring.

We hope that this information has been helpful. We do have a designated page on our website about earlobe repair surgery so suggest that you read this for further information and to view earlobe repair videos and photographs.

If your earlobes are still stretched after you have removed everything, please call our office on 01324 578290 where we will be happy to discuss possible earlobe repair surgery with you.

Best Wishes,

The Team at Aurora Clinics