Can you remove the stitch marks left behind from mole removal?

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Eight months ago I had mole removal surgery for a lesion situated next to my nose. However, I am now left with stitch marks which look unsightly. Is it possible to excise this area again and re-stitch it?


It sounds as though you have cross stitches in your incision which have left dots on either side of the scar. These dots are caused by an in growth in the top layers of the skin and the passages are made by the cross stitches.

They normally occur if the stitches have been left in for more than five days. To eliminate them, the scar and the dots will have to be removed but this will result in a longer scar than the one that you currently have.

It would probably be better to see you in person so as we can take a better look at the region. Alternatively, you could email a photo to: mailto:info@aurora-clinics.local.

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