Question regarding re-piercing after Stretched Ear Piercing Correction surgery


My ear piercings have stretched significantly. I’m happy to take Mr Richards’ advice on whether he thinks I should have these repaired.

Could you also confirm that after having these repaired I would be able to have my ears re-pierced and wear earrings as usual? How long would I have to wait to have my ears re-pierced?


Thank you for your email. It would be possible to repair the piercing in both your ears under Local Anaesthetic in our specialised clinic.

You could get your ears re-pierced 2 months following the procedure. It would be best to ask them to place the new piercings either slightly in front or behind the repaired scar. This is because the scar will be slightly weaker than your normal earlobe skin and the piercing would be prone to stretch again.

With Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team