Do I need a Tummy Tuck or Body Lift for excess skin on my lower back?

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Following dramatic weight loss I underwent tummy tuck surgery. The results were excellent but I was left with a problem around my lower back. From research it would appear that I needed a lower body lift (I think this is sometimes called a belt lipectomy).

Can surgery be performed to correct this band of excess skin which has accumulated around my hips and lower back? I appreciate that a consultation would be required but before I make arrangements, I would be grateful for more information about this treatment.


Thank you for your enquiry. When you lose a lot of weight, you can accumulate excess skin not only in the front of your tummy (which is dealt with by a tummy tuck) but in the sides and also the back.

Tummy tuck surgery is very good at removing tissue from the front of the tummy which is normally the area that is affected by pregnancy. An extended tummy tuck removes the skin on your sides. A body lift procedure removes the skin on your sides as well as your back.

From what you describe it sounds as if you would benefit from skin removal in these areas. This procedure can certainly be performed for you by one of Aurora Clinics’ specialist surgeons.

Should you wish to book a consultation you can do so by calling our office on 01324 578290 or by emailing us on: mailto:info@aurora-clinics.local.

Much more information about the body lift (belt lipectomy) and tummy tuck procedures can be found on our website. We would be delighted to see you in the clinic.

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The Team at Aurora Clinics