Question regarding tightening of tummy muscles

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I had a full tummy tuck and repair of my rectus muscles as my tummy bulged after 3 children. However, my tummy still bulged after the op.

The sonographer who scanned me said that my muscle wall falls forward when I stand up although my rectus muscles are tight together and very well developed. There are no other problems internally and I have no excess fat on me.

The surgeon who did my abdominoplasty said that further surgery would not correct this bulge and repairing the rectus muscle should have eliminated the problem.

I emailed a well-known surgeon in America with my pictures and he said that I needed my Abdominoplasty completely redoing with wider stitches. He also said that the muscles could be folded in transversely to tighten them as I have global laxity not localised laxity around the midline.

Can such a procedure be done by you here in the UK, or would I need to travel to America to find a surgeon that can do this?


Thank you very much for your question. It does sound as though you might well require further tightening of your tummy muscles.

It would be interesting to know what repairing of your rectus abdominis muscles you actually had during your first operation. Most surgeons do tighten up these muscles vertically by pulling them inwards. I think what the American surgeon described is more of a tightening of the tummy muscles in the opposite direction.

In my opinion and experience, many people who have loosened tummy muscles need to be tightened in both directions. This is certainly possible without going to America. However, I really would suggest that you work on your core stability for the next couple of months.

It might be worth seeing a Personal Trainer because if you can improve this it will have a dramatic impact on your tummy and can make it flatter without surgery.

If this fails to control the problem satisfactorily, one of the options would be surgery and I would be happy to see you in person for a consultation to discuss the best way forward for you and the different ways that your muscles can be tightened. You can arrange this by calling us at Aurora Clinics on 01324 578290.

With Best Wishes,

Adrian Richards,
Aurora Clinics Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon