Body Lift Surgery with specialist Mr Prashant Govilkar

Question:Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Hi, I had a gastric band fitted last year. I have now lost 5 stone, and am left with lots of loose skin. At the moment I have terrible body self-image and confidence problems due to all this loose skin, to the point that I preferred myself obese!

I currently weigh about 12 stone. I am looking to have a full body lift, including breast uplift and arm lift. Do you have an ideal weight for this procedure? Or would I be better to book a consultation?

Any help or advice you can give me would be very much appreciated.


Thank you very much for your enquiry. It does sound as though you would be a very good candidate for body lift surgery now that you have done so well in losing weight.

At 12 stone, you don’’t sound too heavy but it is important for surgery that you get down to a weight which you feel is sustainable in the long term. It is important to neither gain nor lose a significant amount of weight following this body lift procedure as this will affect the final result.

We have a specialist surgeon called Mr Prashant Govilkar here at Aurora Clinics who specializes in exactly the kind of surgery that you describe. Mr Govilkar is one of the leading specialists in body lift surgery in the United Kingdom and I think would be the ideal person to see you.

Mr Govilkar would be delighted to see you for consultation. In particular, he could discuss which areas are of most concern to you and also the pros and cons of each type of treatment.

It might be worth having a further look around our website, particularly at the tummy tuck, breast uplift and arm reduction sections to see what is involved in surgery.

Many thanks for your enquiry, we do look forward to meeting you at your consultation.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team.