Can you tell me the best technique for Arm Lift surgery?

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I have read and perused all of the information you have on your website with regard to arm lift surgery and would like to ask a couple of questions.

After researching a number of options, I feel drawn towards the Dr Jean Francois Pascal Technique as it appears to be less invasive and results in fewer problems etc. Could you please explain this method in more detail and clarify how it will remove excess skin?


Thank you for your enquiry. There are a number of treatment options available for arm lift surgery. It is important to remember that techniques are constantly evolving and updating.

All of our surgeons stay up to date with the very latest research and techniques so that they can offer you the best…this may mean that they can discuss options with you that you may not yet have found out about through your research (although, of course, personal research is a very important part of the decision to have surgery!)

Selecting the most suitable arm lift surgery technique for you also depends greatly on the amount of skin that you have and its location. We cannot know this without seeing photographs of your area of concern or, ideally, viewing the area at consultation.

Liposuction alone may even be appropriate, if you are looking for a particularly minimally invasive treatment!

We could be more specific if you came to see us at the clinic. You can schedule this by calling: 01324 578290 or by sending an email to:

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The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team