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Breast Enlargement FAQ – What scarring is there?

In this episode of our breast enlargement FAQ series we discuss the topic of scarring. Scarring is a question that comes up pretty much all the time during consultations for most procedures. The scarring is traditionally the most negative part of a surgery for women, especially in breast enlargement. The visual appearance is improved with […]

Bilateral Breast Augmentation and Unilateral Nipple Lift

This is another surgery video brought to you by Aurora Clinics, and performed by Mr Adrian Richards. The procedure in this video is a bilateral breast augmentation with a unilateral nipple lift. As we begin the surgery video, our patient is already in position, and has also been marked up. Mr Richards talks us through […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement and Tummy Tuck

Here we have a surgery video that involves our new OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement technique and a tummy tuck. The OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement is a technique for breast augmentation pioneered by Mr Adrian Richards at Aurora Clinics. The surgery video begins as our patient is on the operating table, ready for the procedure to begin. Mr Richards introduces […]

Areola Reduction – What is the recovery period?

In this episode of our Areola Reduction series, we cover the recovery period and how long you will be out of action for. An areola reduction is a relatively small surgery, and is performed under local anaesthetic, which means your recovery time will not be as long as a more invasive procedure. The first week […]

Areola Reduction – What scarring should I expect following surgery?

In this latest video of our Areola Reduction FAQ series we discuss the scarring you should expect post surgery. Scarring is something that everyone is concerned with and is a focal point for most patients when coming in to discuss surgery. With an areola reduction, the scarring is actually quite minimal. You will have something […]

Areola Reduction – Will I lose any sensitivity in the area?

Mr Richards brings up the topic of sensitivity following an areola reduction procedure in this video. Many people question whether you will still have the exact same sensitivity after surgery. The main nerve that supplies the breast, areola and nipple is located around the side of the breast. It is usually visible during a breast […]

Areola Reduction – When can I drive again after surgery?

In this video, part of our Areola Reduction FAQ series, Mr Richards talks to us about when you can resume driving following surgery. With an areola reduction procedure, there are factors to consider before returning to driving. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic usually. We don’t think you are fit to drive away […]

Areola Reduction – What is an areola reduction procedure?

In this edition of our Areola Reduction FAQ series we cover the basics of the surgery, basically what it is and what it involves. The areola, is the circular brown area that surrounds your nipple. Areola Reduction simply reduces the size of your areola, or can even it up. Areolas vary in size and it […]

Areola Reduction – When can I resume regular physical activity after surgery?

Mr Adrian Richards is bringing you another FAQ video response in our Areola Reduction series, this question is all about the resumption of exercise and physical activity post surgery. Firstly, it is important to note that everyone heals differently. Some people heal very fast, and their scars come on leaps and bounds in a very […]

Grandmother spends £20K on Cosmetic Surgery to attract younger men

A 60-year-old grandmother of four has revealed her dedication to Plastic Surgery, all in the pursuit of bagging a younger man. Youthful-looking and attractive Patricia Moss owes some of her looks to the surgeon’’s knife as she has undertaken several procedures including a boob job, liposuction, cheek implants, Botox and a tummy tuck. Having already […]

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