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Aurora Clinics: Photo of Areola Reduction Surgery to treat puffy areolas

Puffy areolas – can they be treated, and how?

When there’s something you don’t like about your body, it’s easy to underestimate how many others feel the same as you. Generally, women don’t tend to see their friends topless, so other women’s boobs can be somewhat of an unknown quantity! But you’d be surprised how many women have similar breasts to you. And if it’s puffy areolas that […]

Aurora Clinics: Nipple reduction surgery - a popular male cosmetic procedure

Smaller, rounder, flatter – the 3 types of Nipple Reduction and who they’re for

Nipple Reduction may not get its fair share of coverage in the media, but it’s something we consistently receive enquiries about at Aurora. In our experience, when people ask us about nipple reduction, they may actually be referring to any one of three procedures: nipple reduction, areola reduction, or gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction). Each […]

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Can I reduce my areolas, widen and lift my breasts and move them closer together?

Areola Reduction question: Hi there, I wonder if you can advise. I am 27 years old, and have had two recent pregnancies, breastfeeding both babies. Now, my breasts and in particular my areolas look significantly different to how they were pre-pregnancy. During my pregnancies and lactation, my breast tissue increased, but the areolas expanded a disproportionate […]

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Sagging nipples after Breast Implant Removal – what can be done?

Breast Implant Removal question: Hi, I had my over the muscle, 320cc PIP implants removed nearly 5 months ago, which took me back to a 32 small A cup. Since then, the bottom of my nipples have sunk into my breast tissue. They are fine when cold, but fold over into my breast and sag […]

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How Can I Reduce the Size of my Puffy & Large Areolas?

  Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, I suffer from large areolas which are also unusually puffy. Two and a half months ago I had a Benelli mastopexy along with breast enlargement surgery for tuberous breasts on the NHS. I thought that this would also help make my areolas less puffy. My tuberous breast procedure went very […]

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Is Areola Reduction Included with my Breast Uplift Package?

Question: Dear Aurora Clinics, I am having a breast uplift with your surgeon Mr Adrian Richards in August but I have a further enquiry. My areolas are very large and take up a lot of my breast. Will Mr Richards be able to reduce them so as they look smaller and rounder? Can areola reduction […]

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Is Areola Reduction surgery permanent?

Question: I have had areola reduction surgery twice. My first treatment took place in 2007 and the second in 2008. I opted for secondary surgery because the size of my areolas did not turn out as agreed and there was a difference in their shape! I became unexpectedly pregnant eight months after my last surgery […]