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MACS Facelift surgery (Mini Rhytidectomy)

The MACS mini facelift is a significant advancement in facial rejuvenation surgery as it involves relatively little undermining and consequently the recovery is quicker.

MACS Facelift surgery

MACS Facelift surgery Advice

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  • Is Ellen DeGeneres planning to fork out $50k to refresh her face for the Oscars?

    TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres is supposedly planning on splashing out up to $50,000 in a facial upheaval before the Oscars next year. The TV star and comedian, 55, is well-known for her youthful appearance. However, she is apparently after an overhaul before next March when she is due to present the awards ceremony. [...]

  • New York clinic witnesses surge in neck lifts

    It’s a common belief that the huge rise in the use of non-invasive procedures to fight the signs of ageing has reduced the number of people who are choosing to opt for invasive surgical procedures as a means to hold on to youth. It is true that the number of non-invasive procedures being performed worldwide [...]

  • Non-medic charged with administering medical care to plastic surgery patient

    An American plastic surgery clinic’s office manager has been charged with practicing medicine without a proper licence. Christine Patterson, sister of one of the clinic’s surgeons, assumed the role of after care provider that should instead have been taken by a qualified professional. The patient at the receiving end of the illegal treatment had undergone [...]

  • Jane Fonda extols the virtues of subtle facelift surgery

    Jane Fonda, 75, has had a long and successful Hollywood movie and fitness career and she attributes this at least in part to the subtle yet effective plastic surgery that she has had over the years. Her aim when getting a facelift was to leave some wrinkles and character in her face so that the [...]

  • Facelifts are effective for at least five years, says leading plastic surgeon

    An eminent plastic surgeon has undertaken extensive research to discover exactly how long a facelift lasts and is confident that the age-reversing effects last for a minimum of five years in most cases. Dr Barry Jones, who was once the President of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and now works at Great Ormond [...]

  • Loose Women star Carol McGiffin ‘may opt for a facelift’ to please toyboy

    The outspoken star of the daytime show, aged 52, is dating a man 22 years her junior and as a result is considering cosmetic surgery on her face to shed some years from her appearance. Talking to a UK tabloid she said: “I would love to have a facelift. My face is heading south and, [...]

  • Facelift surgery – how long is the waiting list, and how soon after surgery can I fly?

    Facelift Question: I am interested in full facelift surgery. Could you please tell me how long the waiting list is? And how long between the consultation and the operation is usual? Also, as I will be looking to go on holiday to recuperate following surgery, could you advise me what is a sensible amount of [...]

  • MACS facelift – can I have one under local anaesthetic?

    MACS facelift question: Hi, Can upper eyelids be done under local anaesthetic, and also the MACS facelift? I am interested in these two procedures but have a fear of going under general anaesthetic. Thanks. MACS facelift answer: Thank you very much for your enquiry. It is possible to have upper eyelid surgery under local anaesthetic, [...]

  • Factors to consider before a facelift

    Having a facelift can provide amazing results that can take years off your appearance through tighter skin and by smoothing out wrinkles. It is a serious operation however, with sometimes variable results and so it is a decision that should be reached with due care and consideration. Here are some steps to follow if you [...]

  • Would a Hollywood mini facelift be right for me?

    Mini Facelift question: Hi, After losing some weight I have been left with heavy wrinkles on the cheeks and brow, under my eyes, etc. My cheeks are my first concern to tackle, since they have very deep hollow wrinkles. To address the cheeks, would a Hollywood lift work for me? I am keen to avoid [...]