Is your man a bit of a Pudding this Christmas?

Did you know that almost a quarter of all men are Christmas Puddings? Funny as that may sound, recent research by clothes retailer High and Mighty showed that nearly quarter of all men are carrying excess weight.

These men have been branded ‘Christmas Puddings’ in High and Mighty’s very festive guide to Male Body Shapes. Just as women’s body shapes are often categorised into Pear Shape, Apple Shape or Hourglass, there is now a similar categorisation for men.

Using the new Male Body Shape Guides, men can either be:

  • Christmas Puddings
  • Yule Logs
  • Parsnips
  • Candles

A number of celebrity examples of each category have been suggested, with the ‘most desirable’ tapered body shape (the Parsnip) represented by gorgeous Gary Barlow and dreamy David Beckham. Parsnips have problems, too, though; often struggling to find tops that fit their arms and shirts to button across their broad shoulders.

Yule Logs (like Dermot O’Leary and Jamie Oliver) have a far easier time with their straight up-and-down shape and are the most common category.

Although the High and Mighty research is mainly from a retail angle, with lots of useful recommendations about the most flattering garments for each body type (great if you’re looking to buy clothing Christmas presents for your partner this year), at Aurora Clinics we are more interested in the concerning figure that nearly a quarter of all UK men fall into the Christmas Pudding category – carrying too much excess weight around their middles.

Not only is carrying too much weight bad for your health (creating an increased risk of many health problems, particularly to the heart) but these are also the male candidates that are most likely to seek cosmetic surgery help and advice. A number of male cosmetic surgery procedures are typically aligned with carrying extra weight.

Gynecomastia Surgery (excess male chest tissue, sometimes also cruelly called Man Boobs) often occurs in men who are over their ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). In these cases, it is recommended that men first try exercise to get down to a better body weight before contemplating surgery. This is because the gynecomastia may well go away naturally as weight decreases – true gynecomastia will still be present regardless of the patient’s weight.

‘Christmas Pudding’ types may also be more likely to request Tummy Tuck surgery or Liposuction. Again, whilst these are very effective forms of surgery, they are not a weight loss ‘quick fix’ and we would advise patients to reach their optimum BMI before having surgery.

Cosmetic surgery carries much higher risks of undergoing anaesthetic and slower recovery if the patient is overweight. For all these reasons, whilst Gynecomastia Surgery, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction may be good treatment options for Christmas Pudding men who are unhappy with their body shapes, they should come as a second resort after trying exercise and a healthy diet.

These lifestyle changes will not only benefit general well-being but also stand to improve your results and recovery for all Christmas Puds who do decide to undergo cosmetic surgery 🙂

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