UK celebs’ Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League hits the media: Aurora Clinics examine the facts

The media last week was full of news about celebs taking a stance against Cosmetic Surgery.

Kate Winslet in particular was cited in various high-profile UK publications (including The Telegraph and Marie Claire) as being against interfering with natural beauty – to such an extreme that she is forming what Marie Claire lauded an  “Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League””.

In truth, Winslet’’s words may well have been blown out of proportion in a typical media frenzy. Her supposed “League” of British Anti-Cosmetic-Surgery Crusaders currently consists only of her close actress friends Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson.

Yet her message to fans is clear: she feels the pressure to look eternally youthful is both unnecessary and unnatural. As The Telegraph’s Richard Eden reported, Kate Winslet has adamantly declared that she will never give in to Hollywood pressure to undergo cosmetic surgery:

““It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty,” says the 35-year-old star of Titanic. “”I will never give in.””

Winslet, who is the daughter of “jobbing actors” from Berkshire, adds: “”I am an actress, I don’’t want to freeze the expression of my face.””

There are a few very interesting points arising from this debate before you make up your mind regarding which side of the Celebrity Fence you will sit on. The first is a less-than-obvious paradox.

  • Winslet, Weisz and Thompson probably all became firm friends in the first place because they are a very similar type of celebrity. They have perfected that “woman-next-door”, believably real persona. They come across as approachable, they maintain their curves, they seem like intelligent women not Hollywood bimbos. And that’’s great: hats off to them.
  • But don’’t be completely fooled… – do remember that these women are still superstars. They have makeup and hair teams to keep them looking consistently fantastic, personal trainers (if required) to ensure that those curvacious figures never sneak just over the optimum BMI range. They have high-profile husbands – film directors and actors themselves. And, above all, they are utterly surrounded by crew and fans who ensure that – whilst we’re quite sure these lovely ladies do have down days, as we all do -– their confidence is boosted right up to rocket level, ready to bare all ASAP for the next on-screen performance.
  • In a nutshell: however loveably normal they manage to come across, they are not. These women epitomise the “oh, it’s just something I threw on earlier” look (when actually clad head-to-toe in Ben de Lisi). So therefore perhaps they are not in quite the right position to judge on a “moral basis” the average person who doesn’’t have that arsenal behind her, for simply wanting a little pick-me-up to boost her self esteem and feel rejuvenated. Kate Winslet has in fact acknowledged elsewhere that “Plastic surgery and breast implants are fine for people who want that, if it makes them feel better about who they are.”

Secondly, Kate Winslet talks of ‘freezing her facial expression’; something she couldn’’t possibly consider, she feels, as an actress.

This is a common myth about Botulinum Toxin treatment (often known as Botox although this is actually just a name for one brand of the wrinkle-reducing product).

If you have wrinkle-reducing treatments performed at a reputable clinic, by an expert practitioner then consultation will form a key part of the process. A treatment plan and schedule will be drawn up for you, ensuring that only the minimum amount of product necessary to achieve wrinkle smoothing results is injected.

If this amount is correctly worked out and given at well spaced out intervals, you will not experience a frozen or blank facial expression. This is only a side effect of too much product or overly frequent injection which no expert Practitioner will allow you to have anyway.

In conclusion: there is obvious value in Kate Winslet & Co’’s reassurance for women that you can grow old gracefully. It is also good that some members of celebrity, at least, acknowledge their role and responsibility for creating a public image to both aspire and ‘live up to’.

However, creating a media frenzy to turn “against” Cosmetic Surgery is not helpful without looking at the facts from both sides…for numerous people, cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical anti-wrinkle injections provide confidence and the chance to feel more beautiful. Who else has the right to judge that?

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