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Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Botox anti-wrinkle treatment

Dr Fredric Brandt, anti-wrinkle treatment pioneer and ‘Baron of Botox’, found dead

Dermatologist to the stars, Dr Fredric Brandt, who helped popularise Botox as an anti-wrinkle treatment around the world, has died at his home in Miami. Dr Brandt, 65, who included Madonna among his many celebrity clients, was discovered by his housekeeper on Sunday in an apparent suicide. His publicist revealed the doctor had been suffering […]

Our very own Adrian Richards on Radio 4’s Today programme

He’s always been a superstar to us, and now Mr Richards is becoming a bit of a national celebrity too. This morning at 8.45am, he was a featured guest on Radio 4’s Today programme in a segment about Botox. It was 10 years ago this year that the US Food and Drug Administration first approved […]

3 Tips to Get The Best from your 2012 Cosmetic Surgery

Last year, our ‘New Year: New You Resolutions’ blog was a big hit. This year, however, with the media dominated by the PIP implant scandal and talk of a second recession getting people down, it is easy to forget how little changes – not just the big ones like cosmetic surgery – can really get […]

UK celebs’ Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League hits the media: Aurora Clinics examine the facts

The media last week was full of news about celebs taking a stance against Cosmetic Surgery. Kate Winslet in particular was cited in various high-profile UK publications (including The Telegraph and Marie Claire) as being against interfering with natural beauty – to such an extreme that she is forming what Marie Claire lauded an  “Anti-Cosmetic […]

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: A Good Advert?

Are Celebrities Good Adverts for Cosmetic Surgery? On balance, we feel that many celebrities are not particularly good adverts for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Here are the reasons why… Celebrities who are in the press for having had cosmetic or plastic surgery are frequently those who have had very obvious – and sometimes extreme – […]

Budget Botox on the High Street? “You get what you pay for!”

My Google Alerts today were full of the news that Superdrug are launching anti-wrinkle treatments, Dermaroller and Dermal Fillers. Yes, you heard it right: Superdrug…, the cheap-as-chips budget-beauty-store-come-chemists, will be offering up injectables alongside your lunch break Meal Deal. The fact that the team here at Aurora Clinics (undoubtedly like staff at Cosmetic Surgery Centres […]

What your man REALLY wants you to look like this Valentine’s!

It’’s fast approaching Valentine’s Day; the allocated day of the year for unashamed partner-baiting/celebrating your relationship with cards, romantic meals and making yourself look drop-dead gorgeous to confirm how lucky your man is to have you. But with UK women increasingly choosing breasts, neck and face-lift surgeries above all others (except Botox and Fillers) in […]

Explaining the latest Cosmetic Surgery trends: new 2010 BAAPS statistics

Some clear trends in Cosmetic Surgery were apparent when The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) released the UK’’s 2010 statistics this week. Despite the recession, there are more cosmetic surgery procedures being carried out in the UK than ever: a 5% increase on the previous year. But whilst some procedures are clearly on […]

Have a beautiful recession: Cosmetic Surgery on a budget

As economic turmoil is expected in the UK for another 3 years and families feel a continued squeeze on their incomes, the good news is this doesn’’t mean you have to kiss goodbye to looking good, start wearing home-made sack frocks and using charcoal mascara. In fact, Senior Cosmetics Analyst Alexandra Richmond found that during […]

Cosmetic Surgery for men

Do you think nip/tuck is only for women? Think again because there are many options available for men and becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Here are some statistics to start with: The top cosmetic surgery procedures for men in 2007 include liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, male breast reduction, and facelift. The top non-surgical procedures for […]

Botox has emotional and psychological benefits, not just physical

A recent study by Dr Steven Dayan (MD, FACS, Chicago Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, Clinical Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at University of Illinois at Chicago, Adjunct Professor at DePaul University) found that there is far more to be said for Botox treatments than pure vanity (see our previous blog). Botox treatments can increase your […]

Aurora: empowering not pushing clients into cosmetic treatments

According to RED magazine’’s  latest cover story (“Warning: Botox Pushers at Work!” Dec 2010), visiting a cosmetic clinic like Aurora is akin to braving a mobile phone dealer’s the week before pay-day with your archaic current model on display and a neon “mug” sign flashing above your head. Expect to be pounced on (Ruth Elkins […]

5 questions to ask your Practitioner if you are considering a non-surgical solution

Non-surgical solutions include Botox for reducing active lines on the face and dermal fillers for restoring volume to the face. In the UK we have seen a rapid increase in the last few years of the number of these procedures performed. It is important to assess the qualifications & experience of your practitioner prior to […]

What causes jowl formation?

Jowls are the areas of excess tissue which you can get along your jawline approximately 1/3 of the way from your chin to your ear. Jowls are caused by downward movement of the facial tissues as a response to gravity. The central area which lies inner to the jaws is fixed, near where the bone and […]

What is the best treatment for sagging jaws?

This is a question we’re asked frequently and our general advice is in the very early stages when the jawline becomes slightly less defined and the jaws become slightly more prominent the best approach is Botox treatment. There is a relatively new type of Botox treatment called the Nefertiti lift. Nefertiti lift is a treatment named after […]

Counterfeit Botox: is it being used in the United Kingdom?

There have recently been a number of reports of the use of counterfeit Botox in the United Kingdom. The advantage of this Botox to some is that it is cheaper than the Botox produced by the normal manufacturing companies. However, this Botox is incredibly dangerous as discussed further in our video blog posts. Until recently, […]

When is the ideal time to have Botox treatment?

There is a slight misconception that Botox treatment is best performed when you have established lines. This is actually not the best time to have that treatment. The best time is when the lines are relatively fine and shallow and are beginning to form. This is because Botox acts by weakening the muscles in the […]

What’s the best way for someone starting in the cosmetic industry to get adequate training?

We always recommend that anyone thinking of starting in the cosmetics industry attends a Foundation course to give them the necessary knowledge to perform successful treatments. The longest standing and most successful course in the United Kingdom is Cosmetic Courses. was set up 8 years ago and offers a number of courses aimed at […]

Is there an online resource for cosmetic practitioners in the United Kingdom? has recently launched a training academy. In this academy, which is free for all practitioners, there are a number of training videos showing techniques on Botox and dermal filler injections. There are also downloadable pdf documents which are designed to provide all the documentation needed for anyone starting in the cosmetics industry. The academy will […]

How can I tell if my lines will go with Botox treatment?

Want to know if Botox treatment will work for you? There is a simple test for this… Stretch the skin containing the line between your thumb and index finger. If the line completely disappears the Botox will effectively reduce the line in a single treatment. If, however, the line does not go when the skin […]

The Botox Expert

Adrian Richards has been voted “The Botox® Expert” at Harley Street by the Evening Standard – 22nd July 2008. Mr Richards was on the original research team which investigated cosmetic uses for Botox®. Part of his career was spent as a Reconstructive Surgeon at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  He is also author of the Definitive Guide […]