Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: A Good Advert?

Are Celebrities Good Adverts for Cosmetic Surgery?

On balance, we feel that many celebrities are not particularly good adverts for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Here are the reasons why…

Celebrities who are in the press for having had cosmetic or plastic surgery are frequently those who have had very obvious – and sometimes extreme – changes made to their bodies.

It is true that a large number of celebrities do have some sort of cosmetic treatment, although mostly this is relatively minor treatment such as Botox anti-wrinkle injections.

However, it is the ones who have excessive plastic surgery that tend to draw attention from the media and therefore give the public a skewed view of the results that can be obtained from plastic surgery, which are generally positive and ideally not obvious.

Understandably for many celebrities it is very important for their careers that they maintain a fresh and natural look and a large number of people in the media have treatment surgery performed in order to achieve this.

These treatments would typically include natural looking Botox and dermal filler treatments to reduce the excessive lines on the forehead and lower face that tend to develop over the years, together with a good skin care regime and protection from a high factor sun block.

It is notable, for example, that very few newsreaders frown a great deal, implying that many of them have been treated with natural amounts of Botox to achieve very normal results.

The aim with good plastic surgery is to limit the changes that occur with age by producing a revitalised appearance that makes you look like yourself, but is a more fresh and youthful version.  This is commonplace throughout the media industry but our attention is usually drawn to the following types of cases.

Celebrities who have had Excessively Large Breast Enlargement Surgery

If it is very obvious that someone has had a breast enlargement surgery, then generally the implant is too big and unnatural for their physique.

In the vast majority of cases breast enlargements are performed in order to restore the volume of the bust to match the person’’s overall body shape, especially with regard to the hips and shoulders.

Typical sizes of implants we use in breast enlargements at Aurora Clinics range from 250 to 350cc, compared to many of the people in the media who have had obvious breast enlargements, where implants of over 700cc have been used.

Celebrities who have had Excessive Facial Treatment

The aim of our facial treatments at Aurora Clinics is to make you look natural and as far as possible to limit signs of ageing.

We have all seen people who have had excessive surgery carried out, with face lifts and the injection of materials into the face, producing a very unnatural tight look which is usually considered very unattractive. If it is so obvious that a person has had plastic surgery, then the best results have not been achieved.

While many celebrities in the media do have face lift and eye procedures, the vast majority will look normal and you will not be able to tell that they have had treatment. The few exceptions to this rule give a very inaccurate view of plastic surgery which unfortunately puts many people off considering it.