Breast uplift or breast enlargement? 2 DIY techniques to diagnose breast droop

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Do you look in the mirror and wonder whether your breasts are in proportion? Maybe they lack fullness or your nipples sit too low. Breast droop also known as breast ptosis is a term to describe how your nipple sits in relation to your sternal notch and your inframammary fold (the fold underneath the breast).

We describe two DIY techniques that you can try at home to work out whether you suffer from breast ptosis and which procedure including a breast uplift, breast implants or a combination of both would be suitable for you. For expert advice on which treatment would be most appropriate then please contact us to book your consultation with one of our Consultant Plastic Surgeons.

Technique 1 – The Golden Triangle

Are you an isoceles or an equilateral? Let’s find out! The Golden Triangle is a method of determining whether you suffer from breast ptosis. The golden triangle says that the distance between both your nipples should be exactly the same as the distance from each nipple to your sternal notch (in the middle of your collarbones). This triangle should be equilateral and the so-called ‘perfect’ dimensions are 21cm x 21cm x 21cm (but don’t worry, we tried this out on the ladies in the office and no one had a perfect 21!). Watch this short video by breast specialist and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards who explains the triangle in more detail:

Essentially, if the distance between your sternal notch and your nipple is longer than the distance from one nipple to the other, your breast triangle will be isosceles  rather than equilateral. This means your nipples are sitting too low and therefore you may be suffering from breast droop to some extent. The longer the distance, the more severe the breast droop and the more likely you are to need a breast uplift procedure.

Scarring following Breast Uplift Surgery

It is important when considering a breast uplift procedure, whether it’s standalone or combined with an implant, to be aware that you will have quite extensive scarring following surgery. The scar is known as the lollipop scar and runs around the circumference of your areola (the pink/brown part around the nipple) and down to the inframammary fold. However, if you look after your scars, they will gradually fade over time. For some examples of the lollipop scar, view our photo gallery below:

Technique 2 – The Pencil 

We know you’re probably thinking, the pencil?! Have they gone mad?

Using a pencil, or any other straight object such as ruler can help you determine the level of your nipples in relation to your inframammary fold. The first step is to place the pencil at the inframammary fold under your breast. Then looking in the mirror from the side, use the following table to determine whether you suffer from breast ptosis:

Nipple Position
Your nipple lies above the pencil and you are happy with the amount of volume in your breasts.

After Photo: Breast Enlargement 21841
Your nipple sits in a good position and you have a good amount of breast tissue therefore you wouldn’t need breast surgery unless you have a specific concern.
Your nipple lies above the pencil but you lack volume in the top part of your breast.

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You don’t suffer from breast ptosis but you may be suitable for a breast implant to increase the volume in the upper pole of your breast.
Your nipple is level with the pencil.

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You do suffer from slight nipple descent so we would class this as moderate breast ptosis. In most cases, a simple breast enlargement is sufficient enough to lift the nipple to a slightly elevated position. If you wanted a significant lift then the two procedures; breast augmentation and uplift could be combined.
Your nipple lies below the pencil and you lack volume in the breast.

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You do suffer from breast ptosis and therefore are suitable for an uplift procedure but you are also likely to need an implant to re-volumise the bust. An implant alone is unlikely to give you sufficient lift.
Your nipple lies below the pencil but you are happy with the amount of breast tissue.

Before Photo: Breast Uplift 21904
In this case, you would be suitable for a breast uplift procedure to lift the nipple and retain the natural volume in the bust.

If you think you may be suitable for a breast enlargement, uplift or combination of both procedures then we would ask that you come and see one of our expert Plastic Surgeons for your no-obligation consultation. During this consultation your surgeon will discuss your desires from surgery, diagnose the extent of your breast droop and determine the best treatment plan for you. To book your consultation with one of our breast specialists today please contact our patient advisers who can book you in with a surgeon near you.