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Breast uplift or breast enlargement? 2 DIY techniques to diagnose breast droop

Aurora is now part of The Private Clinic, a nationwide group of clinics with over 35 years of experience specialising in Cosmetic Surgery and Skin and a Trust Pilot 5 star rating. For comprehensive information, before and after photos and costs on Breast Augmentation procedures click here  or for Breast Uplift procedures click here. Our expert Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards is the Medical […]

How to choose your Breast Uplift surgeon

Choosing Your Breast Uplift Surgeon Choosing your surgeon is one of the most difficult things to do prior to your breast uplift surgery.  Most plastic surgeons do perform the breast uplift procedure but some specialise more in breast surgery and in particular, breast uplift surgery than others. Breast Uplift Surgeon Checklist We would advise you […]

3 Tips to Get The Best from your 2012 Cosmetic Surgery

Last year, our ‘New Year: New You Resolutions’ blog was a big hit. This year, however, with the media dominated by the PIP implant scandal and talk of a second recession getting people down, it is easy to forget how little changes – not just the big ones like cosmetic surgery – can really get […]

Do I need Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery? The differences explained

The terms ‘Plastic Surgery’ and ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ are often used interchangeably or cause confusion: many people in the UK think that ‘Plastic Surgery’ is just the American term, when in fact it is a completely different field. When looking into procedures to change the way you look, it is important to get the basic terminology […]

Fight Fat & Fight Cancer! 2011 Cosmetic Surgery Trend

2011 is the year of the war on obesity. So the big buzz in Cosmetic Surgery is Fat Removal procedures: “We’re talking freezing fat, zapping fat, melting fat away, as well as vacuuming fat from places where it is plentiful (thighs, tummy and love handles)”,” says Denise Mann (ed. Ceatus Cosmetic Surgery Group). This comes […]

What are the best options for excess skin following weight loss in my bust area?

For both men and women, after losing a significant amount of weight, there’s likely to be excess skin in the chest area. This can be manifested by a low nipple position with loss of volume from the chest and excess of skin. The excess skin in this area is normally treated with a breast uplift […]

What is the best treatment for Tuberous Breasts?

Concerned about tuberous breasts and thinking about treatment? Below is a guest post written by Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards. Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics. We specialise in plastic surgery, particularly cosmetic surgery, and I tend to specialise in breast surgery. In a previous […]