How to choose your Breast Uplift surgeon

Choosing Your Breast Uplift Surgeon

Choosing your surgeon is one of the most difficult things to do prior to your breast uplift surgery.  Most plastic surgeons do perform the breast uplift procedure but some specialise more in breast surgery and in particular, breast uplift surgery than others.

Breast Uplift Surgeon Checklist

We would advise you to go through the following checklist when choosing your breast uplift surgeon.

  • Ideally a personal recommendation is the best way of finding a surgeon. If you are fortunate enough to know someone who has recently had similar treatment of a breast uplift surgery with a particular surgeon and are happy with the results of their surgery this is a very good recommendation as the quality of the surgeon’s’ work. Unfortunately many people are not lucky enough to know someone who has undergone a similar procedure and we would recommend that you see at least two surgeons prior to your breast uplift surgery so that you can get a balanced opinion as to the options available to you.
  • Express yourself. During your consultation it is important that you feel that you have had enough chance to adequately express your wishes and the desired outcome following your breast uplift surgery.  It is important that your consultation is a two-way conversation with your surgeon clearly explaining the pros and cons of different breast uplift techniques and you expressing your feelings as to the results you are hoping to achieve.
  • Look at before and after photographs. It is very important that you are able to see examples of the surgeon’’s previous breast uplift surgery work and your surgeon should go through a number of before and after photos of people who have undergone breast uplift surgery, showing you the likely shape of the bust and scarring that will occur following breast uplift surgery. In particular, try and look for someone with a similar breast size and shape to yours and pay particular attention to overall shape of the breast following surgery and also the location and quality of the scarring. Scars will be slightly red at six weeks following surgery which is often the time the photographs are taken and will subsequently fade.  It is important to ask your surgeon which time period after the operation the photos were taken.
  • Ask how many breast uplift procedures your surgeon performs per year and per month on average.  As a general recommendation most authorities recommend that any surgeon performs the procedure at least 20 times per year in order to maintain adequate experience in it. If your surgeon performs the procedure less than this it may be sensible to consider consultations with other surgeons.
  • An open and frank discussion as to possible complications and side effects that can occur following surgery. All surgery carries some risk and it is very important that you and your surgeon discuss these so that you have got a full understanding of the pros and possible cons of surgery.  It is also very important to know about your follow-up arrangements when your stitches will be removed and if there is a 24-hour helpline should you have any concerns following your breast uplift surgery.

Prior to considering breast uplift surgery it is sensible to go through this checklist and also listen to our free information CD on breast uplift surgery. We also encourage our patients to bring photos of the appearance of their bust they would like following their breast uplift surgery so we can discuss whether this is possible in their case and the best technique for achieving this.