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Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Botox anti-wrinkle treatment

Dr Fredric Brandt, anti-wrinkle treatment pioneer and ‘Baron of Botox’, found dead

Dermatologist to the stars, Dr Fredric Brandt, who helped popularise Botox as an anti-wrinkle treatment around the world, has died at his home in Miami. Dr Brandt, 65, who included Madonna among his many celebrity clients, was discovered by his housekeeper on Sunday in an apparent suicide. His publicist revealed the doctor had been suffering […]

Our very own Adrian Richards on Radio 4’s Today programme

He’s always been a superstar to us, and now Mr Richards is becoming a bit of a national celebrity too. This morning at 8.45am, he was a featured guest on Radio 4’s Today programme in a segment about Botox. It was 10 years ago this year that the US Food and Drug Administration first approved […]

How Does Gravity Affect the Face?

What Goes Up Must Come Down As we all know, one of the things you really can’t avoid in this life is Gravity. Unless you fancy a sneaky trip to Space, it’s a sure fact that What Goes Up is Coming Back Down. Or – in aesthetic terms – what starts off perky, ends up […]