Breast Enlargement and Areola Reduction with 390cc Breast Implants

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This surgery video involves a breast enlargement procedure combined with an areola reduction. We kick things off with Mr. Richards introducing the video and discussing his markings as he usually does. Part of the breast is tethering which is causing it to be tuberous so he will release that during the course of the surgery. Next the areola will be lifted, but only using an areola incision meaning there won’t be a vertical scar usually associated with a mastopexy, so this is called a peri-areola mastopexy. The line going across the patient’s chest was straight whilst she was awake and stood up, but we can see now she is lying flat it is bent in the middle. The enlargement should help to straighten this out, although it won’t make it completely straight.

Next we skip on to the enlargement has been completed on the one side, using a 390cc breast implant. The skin around the areola has already been removed and Mr. Richards explains this process as he goes. He uses his usual clock metaphor, which means he initially sews up points at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o clock. The side points actually have to be a little bit higher than usual, to ensure the areola remains round.

Skipping on to after these initial stitches are inserted, we see the form of the areola looks circular, so the points in between the stitches now have to be sewn up. Once this is done, a running prolene stitch is then added to secure it all in place. Finally the areola is finished with a layer of surgical glue applied to the top which holds everything in place a little bit more securely.

We see the final appearance with both breasts completed and the surgical tape already applied.

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