5 questions to ask your Practitioner if you are considering a non-surgical solution

Non-surgical solutions include Botox for reducing active lines on the face and dermal fillers for restoring volume to the face.

In the UK we have seen a rapid increase in the last few years of the number of these procedures performed. It is important to assess the qualifications & experience of your practitioner prior to receiving any treatment.

The questions that we would advise you ask your practitioner are:

1) How many procedures per year they perform.

2) How long they have been performing these treatments.

3) Have they ever had any adverse events/poor results following treatment.

4) Which treatment they would recommend for you.

5) Whether they belong to any trade organisation which regulates cosmetic treatment in the UK.

By asking these 5 questions you will get a good idea of the level of experience of your practitioner and can make an informed decision as to whether they are the right person to treat you.

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