Aurora: empowering not pushing clients into cosmetic treatments

According to RED magazine’’s  latest cover story (“Warning: Botox Pushers at Work!” Dec 2010), visiting a cosmetic clinic like Aurora is akin to braving a mobile phone dealer’s the week before pay-day with your archaic current model on display and a neon “mug” sign flashing above your head.

Expect to be pounced on (Ruth Elkins claims) by packs of commission-hungry co-ordinators whose sole aim is to sign you up to a lifetime “contract” of one cosmetic procedure after another, regardless of your emotional/financial wellbeing.

This could not be further from the truth at Aurora. For starters: our team do not work for commission. They are facilitators, not sales reps; helping to – completely openly – give all the facts and possibilities for procedures that might benefit you so that you understand what is available and possible.

The Aurora experience is about empowerment: what you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you. We respect the intelligence of our clients and know many have already put lots of thought and research into their decision to come forward for treatment.

Consultations are entirely voluntary, with no need for “pushing”, cold calling or hard sales! We never pressurise you into a procedure at any time and often suggest taking time in-between your consultation and booking treatment to think about whether this is what you really want.

The RED article implies that clinics make clients see “all the problems” with their faces and therefore feel paranoid so that they have more work done.

In fact, at Aurora, far from “pushing” people into treatments they do not really need, Mr. Richards and the Aurora practitioners often recommend non-surgical procedures like Botox or dermal fillers  to clients who initially enquired about more radical surgery.

This is an aspect Ruth Elkins neglects to mention; that there is truth in the claim that “the earlier you start, the less chance wrinkles will take hold” and so the non-surgical treatments and “expensive skincare products” she berates can actually be a preventative measure for clients who are already sure they want to alter their appearance.

“Make your own decisions”, as Ruth Elkins herself recommends! Do not let articles like this tell you what to think. If you feel that cosmetic procedures –- non-surgical or surgical -– could make a positive change to your life then come along to a NO PRESSURE consultation at Aurora where you can get all the facts for yourself and make an informed, independent decision.

NB: Aurora accepts that some clinics may be less scrupulous. We thoroughly support the advice from BAAPS (the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) as published in RED on “How to Avoid the Push”: 1) –Make your own decisions; 2) –Don’’t let anyone talk you into a procedure that you do not really want; 3) Be informed: accept the limitations and risks of any procedure4) Speak to practitioners as well as co-ordinators5) Avoid paying booking fees or non-refundable deposits6) Make sure the timing of cosmetic procedures/surgery is right for you.

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