Genital surgery gains popularity

LabiaplastyOver the last few years plastic surgery has seen the rise of a new trend – vaginal plastic surgery, either to tighten it or reduce the size of the labia due to discomfort it may cause or unhappiness with its appearance.

Labia surgery, or labiaplasty, is performed on the inner labia if they are protruding beyond the outer labia. The procedure takes about 90 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic.

It’’s increasingly popular amongst young women and possibly goes hand in hand with the current trend for extreme pubic grooming. As a result of removing all or part of the pubic hair the labia are much more visible, the appearance of which may come as a shock if it’’s not as neat and tidy as they might have imagined.

Additionally, the rise of available porn and unrealistic images of women’’s vaginas may mean that young women are judging their vaginal appearance unduly harshly.

On the other hand, there is a genuine condition labelled labial hypertrophy where the inner labia is enlarged or sagging beyond what might ordinarily be expected. This can cause embarrassment for the sufferer but also discomfort during sex or even simply through wearing fitted clothing. It can also present hygiene problems.

Vaginoplasty is surgery given to tighten the vaginal area, usually when a perineum has weakened as a result of child birth. Those seeking the treatment may complain of a loss of feeling during intercourse or problems stopping themselves from urinating.

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