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Genital surgery gains popularity

Over the last few years plastic surgery has seen the rise of a new trend – vaginal plastic surgery, either to tighten it or reduce the size of the labia due to discomfort it may cause or unhappiness with its appearance. Labia surgery, or labiaplasty, is performed on the inner labia if they are protruding […]

Labiaplasty: The Long and Short of It

Let’’s face it – …nobody likes seeing their doctor about “women’’s problems” do they? Especially not here in the UK: we get awfully embarrassed about that kind of thing. We’’d rather be at home on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and TOWIE than spread-eagled on a GP’’s chaise with our feet in stirrups. […]

Is female genital surgery really plastic surgery?

Is female genital surgery really plastic surgery? Aurora’s Adrian Richards shares his thoughts… Until today I might have said no. I met Erik Scholten in my clinic in Milton Keynes. Erik works in the room next to me on Fridays and we got talking about his specialty which is female genital surgery. Previously, I had […]